Quartz Powder

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  • January 01, 2019

Quartz Powder is formed by the calcination of the smallest (SiO2) dust particles, which are formed as a result of the decomposition of the quartz rich magmatic metamorphic rocks, by calcination of high purity quartz ore at 900 * C. It is an important raw material that is needed in many branches of industry and consumed in high amounts. Single crystal quartz powder with high quality quartz crystals useful for special purposes is used in silica optics or electronics. USGS approximately ten billion quartz crystals; Electronic grade crystals can be used in electronic circuits with important components of filters, frequency controls, timers, mobile phones, watches, television receivers, computers, navigational equipment, and Optical grade crystals can also be used in lenses and windows, lasers and other specialized devices.

Quartz crystals exhibit a property called piezoelectric effect; that is, they generate an electrical voltage when pressurized along certain directions of the crystal. Quartz also rotates the plane of polarized light and is used in polarized microscopes.


Tripoly is crystalline silica to an extremely fine particle size (at least ten micrometers). Almost pure silica material used for a variety of mildly abrasive purposes, including commercial tripoli: soaps, toothpastes, metal polishing compounds, jewelry polishing compounds, and polishing compounds. Tripoli is also used in brake friction products, enamel fillers, caulking compounds, plastics, paints, rubber and refractories.

Quartz is the name given to highly pure silicon dioxide crystals. Quartz with a specific weight of 2.65 g / cm³ and a hardness of 7 is common in nature. Quartz that crystallizes in the hexagonal system can be found in crystalline or amorphous form in nature.

Quartz Powder Usage Areas:

  • Quartz crystals, which are smooth and clean, are used in the optical and electronic industries. It is also used as an ornamental stone.
  • Quartz crystals are used in frequency control activators and frequency filters in the electronics industry.
  • Milk quartz and glassy quartz are used in glass, detergent, paint, ceramics, emery, filling and metallurgy industries by grinding and preparing them.
  • It is used in the production of crystal goods and glassware in the glass industry, in the production of glaze frit in the ceramic industry, in the floor and wall tile, insulator, electro-porcelain, glazing, tableware and vitrified ceramic.
  • Quality and Packaging:

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    Chemical Analysis:

    Physical Properties
    Compound Formula O 2 Si
    Stock No NS6130-12-001124
    CAS 14808-60-7
    Purity 99.99%
    Molecular Formula SiO2
    Molecular Weight 60.083 g / mol
    View White to gray powder
    Renk Beyaz
    Density 2.62g / cm³
    Melting Point 1660-1710 ° C
    Boiling Point 4046 ° C
    Thermal Conductivity 1.4 W / m-k
    Thermal Expansion 0.5 µm / mK
    Electrical Resistance 0.7 x 10 9 Ω-cm ( 350 ° C)
    Self heat 720 J / kg-K
    Stress resistance 50 MPa (Final)
    Resolution Water Insoluble
    Quality Control Each batch of Quartz Powder was successfully tested.