Sand Blasting Sand

  • Tuna Silica Sand
  • January 01, 2019

What Is Sand Blasting Sand?

With its simplest expression; It is made with special materials called silica, basalt and grid, which are specially manufactured for this work, which is called sand, which resembles sand but is actually different from the sand we know.

Silica Sandblasting

Silica sand produced in different sizes is used when sandblasting is done up to 1 mm in thin hair and 1-3 mm in thick hair.

“It is the blasting of sand blasting with high pressure air on the metal surface. During this collision, while sand abrades the metal surface at the micron level, it also digs and cleans all kinds of unwanted materials on the surface. ”

Basalt Sandblasting

This sand, which can be called low dusting, is generally used in closed environments where sand can be used recyclatively.

Grit Sandblasting

It is the sand type with the least dust and the best blasting power. In fact, it is not iron but slag.

Use of Blasting:

Basalt, iron grit, steel grit and steel ball products are also used in the industry for sandblasting. Scraper sands are used in various sizes according to the metal's technical properties and corrosion rates. Coarse granulated sandblasting products are generally preferred for high corrosion and thick materials. Fine granulated products should be used for more sensitive sandblasting and fine materials.

Usage areas:

  • Multi-purpose blasting material.
  • Removing rust.
  • Paint removal.
  • Shell removal
  • Surface roughening before coating.