Pool Sand

  • Tuna Silica Sand
  • January 01, 2019

It is the pool filter sand used to purify pool water. It is one of the most important issues in Pool Treatments. Method of use: Depending on the need, it is put on the pool filters from thick to fine sand. It is offered in 25 kg packages.

In the pool sand filters, water enters the filter tank through a diffuser, while dust and deposits are trapped between the sand particles as the water flows through the quartz sand bed inside the tank, and the purified water reaching the bottom of the filter tank turns into the installation and then back to your pool. Sand filters can capture particles up to approximately 20 ~ 40 microns.

“The fact that the pools are clear and clean is primarily due to a good filtration and, accordingly, to a clean quartz sand. It is imperative that the quartz sands in the sand filters change every 3 years. ”

Quartz filter sand with special quality and granule size for sand filters, forms an economical, durable and effective filtration bed with its easy backwash feature, granule value ranges calculated to create suitable filter bed layers and long lifetimes.

Turbidity is an inevitable result in pool water that is not naturally filtered. Aggregation and grinding in sand filters occur 15-20 cm below the filter sand level and on the filter walls. In addition, the water passing through the filter continuously and with a pressure of about 1 bar causes the sand grains to roll and the sand to become marble and lose its ability to keep the pollution.

Features of Pool Sand:

The biggest feature of Pool Sand is that it is free from dust by means of Separators.

Pool Sand is the Cleanest Sand that does not contain any carcinogens, obtained with a very special washing, without treatment with chemicals.