Filter Gravel

  • Tuna Silica Sand
  • January 01, 2019

Silica pebbles and sands are white in color, and if they contain iron oxide, their color varies from pink to red or brown. It contains a small amount of clay, feldspar, iron oxides and carbonates in the quartz sand formed from silica pebble (Si02).

Despite the dominance of silica sand and gravel (quartz filter gravel) in the earth's crust, we produce the most productive products (sand and gravels) for our customers due to the search of some physical and chemical properties in consumer products.

Quartz sand and gravels are generally used in the glass and foundry industry, but are also used in the construction, paint and plastic industries, in the production of chemicals and abrasives.

The main areas of use of silica sand and pebbles are the glass and casting industries, and are used in the construction industry, in the production of abrasives, in the metallurgy, detergent, paint, plastic, rubber, ceramic industries, and oil production. World silica sand gravel (quartz sand) reserves are known to be around billion tons, although they cannot be well recovered.

Usage Area:

45% of the sand produced in accordance with the rules of the European Union is used in the glass industry, 35% in the casting industry and the rest is used in electrometallurgy, construction industry, paint and plastic production. In order to produce economically silica sand and gravel (quartz sand and gravel), the ratio of the thickness of the cover layer to be removed on the sand to the sand thickness should be at the maximum level of 4 m3 / ton.

Production Stage:

Quartz sand and pebbles produced from quarries according to the demands of our customers are subjected to screening, scrup, washing, delamination, flotation or magnetic separation, classification and drying processes in the ore preparation plants, and high silica (Si02), low oxide and containing a small amount of heavy minerals. We produce high quality quartz sand and gravel. Silica sand and gravel (quartz sand and gravel) standards vary according to the industry branch in which they are used and the quality of their nature.


Silicon dioxide or a chemical compound containing silica, oxygen and silicon. Its chemical symbol is SiO₂. It has been known since the 16th century. It is used in many materials such as glass, concrete, tiles, porcelain. It consists of 2 oxygen and 1 silicon atom.