Quartz Granule

  • Tuna Silica Sand
  • July 07, 2019

Quartz Granule is 99.5 percent pure silica;

  • 0,200-0,600mm
  • 0,600-0,1200mm
  • It measures 1,200-2,400mm.
  • They are divided into two in terms of quartz granule formations. The first one consists of moving quartz, which is called allochthonous formation, after the separation of quartz-rich magmatic and metamorphic rocks, and stacking it with a clayey loose cement. The second is autochthonous formation. These are formed when silica-rich rocks dissolve in situ under the influence of a faulting or metamorphism. This type of quartz granule contains less impurity than allochthonous formations. Despite the domination of the quartz granule in the earth's crust, a small part is of commercial importance due to the consumer organizations' searches for physical and chemical properties in the product.

    Usage areas of Quartz Granule:

    Quartz Granule's main uses are in the glass and foundry industries, and are also used in the construction industry, in the production of abrasives, in the metallurgy, detergent, paint plastic, rubber, ceramic industries and oil production.

    According to their chemical and physical properties, casting industry, glass production, construction industry, pipe manufacturing, abrasive production, purification facilities, chemical industry and sports fields are the main areas of use. It is an efficient and efficient system for filtering water and many other liquids in quartz sand and gravel treatment plants thanks to its bulk density depending on the grain size. The quartz sand mineral used in sand filters has a high sediment holding capacity. The sand color of the quartz mineral is white, and the sands containing iron oxide can vary from pink to red or brown. Quartz Granule is of high hardness. The difference of Quartz Granule from quartz sand is wondered. There is not much difference between natural quartz granule and quartz sand and silica sand except for non-crushed quartz granule. Silica quartz sand, It is the main ingredient of glass and ensures that chemicals shine under the sun. Silica sand and gravels (quartz) and granules are known for their versatility. Quartz Granules and pebbles have high abrasion, heavy weather resistance and high chemical stability.

    Quartz Sand Standards:

    Quartz sand used in casting should be -0.7 mm +0.1 mm and have a balanced distribution in this size range, and should not be sintered below 1500 ° C. In this area, sand should contain minimum 95% -96 SiO2, Fe2O3, CaO and alkali total should not be over 0.6%.

  • The quartz sand that will constitute the raw material in glass production should contain a minimum of 98% SiO2, a maximum of 0.1% Fe2O3 and the grain size range should be -0.5 +0.106 mm.

  • The SiO2 ratio of quartz sand to be used in the production of silicon and ferro silicon should be minimum 96-98%, AI2O3 and Fe2O3 ratio should be maximum 0.2%.

  • The ratio of quartz sand and quartzite to be used in gas concrete production (ytong type) should be at least 75.5%, at least 95% in building sand, and at least 80% in press brick making.

  • The fire resistance of quartz sand to be used in silica brick production should be minimum 1700 ° C. In addition, SiO2 ratio should be 95-99%, Fe2O3 ratio 0.3-1.3%, AI2O3 content 0.1-2.8%, CaO content 0.2-2.4%, Na2O and K2O content 0.2 - 1.5%. Production of low quality silica bricks is made of quartz sands containing 87-96% SiO2.

  • SiO2 ratio of quartz sand to be used as slag maker should be minimum 90%, AI2O3 and Fe2O3 ratio should be maximum 1.5%, MgO and CaO content should be maximum 0.2%.

  • The SiO2 content of the quartz sand used in ceramic mud should be 90% -92%, AI2O3 content 6-8%, Fe2O3 content 0.5%, TiO2 ratio 0.45%. The SiO2 content of the quartz sand to be used in Frit and Glaze production should be minimum 99.4%, AI2O3 ratio 0.01%, Fe2O3, TiO2, CaO, MgO and Na2O content 0.03% and K2O ratio 0.06%. Quartz sands to be used for this purpose; In the +0.032 mm size group, there should be 8.0% -26.5% and in the size of 0.032 mm 73.5% -92.0%.