Play Pool Sand

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  • January 01, 2019
Play Pool Sand

Game Pool Sand is a play material that helps children reveal their creativity and have fun. Sand pools in almost every package are one of the indispensable play tools of children.

The play pool sand we use in the playgrounds is natural, but non-toxic, environmentally friendly. Sand used in indoor and outdoor sand playgrounds and pools is a very clean sand with special washing. It can be used moist or dry. Children can acquire physical, intellectual, artistic and social skills and develop these skills with play pool sand. They develop communication and language skills with their playmates by making measurements and developing their skills by discovering new shapes.

“The biggest feature of the Play Pool Sand is that it is free from dust by means of Separators. Game Pool Sand It is the cleanest sand that does not contain any carcinogens obtained with a very special washing, without being treated with chemicals.”

Even if there is no material with children, they can produce various games with sand. He may have an idea about the length and the footprint by lying down and rolling in the sand. He / she can realize the depth he created in the sand. With his hands, he can take the sand and pass it without passing it from one hand to another, and gain the ability to focus his attention. It can monitor the flow of sand flowing down.

He can make hand prints on the sand and count his fingers on the print. He may notice the dimensions of his hand in another area. He feels the feeling of touch with his hands and acquires information about different tissues. He can also do the same works with his feet, ask if he has the same feelings with his hands and feet, and get experience.

With his hands, he can paint freely on the sand, as if he was painting on a large paper, without worrying about space. It can make lines, shapes, numbers. He can do the same works using his feet. Sand games are games that every age group will play with pleasure. It can also play both individually and with friends. Since it is not a rule game, the child can easily reveal himself and establish and discharge the game he wants and discharges. He can make new inventions because he is played without someone's direction and direction. Play pool sand allows the child to use his imagination in the best way by contributing to the computational development of the child.

If there is moisture in the sand, it has a life that it can adhere to the body and if it is dry it has a fluid structure.

Play Pool Sand Features:

The biggest feature of the game sand is that it is free from dust by means of Separators.

It is the Cleanest Sand that does not contain any carcinogens, obtained by treatment with Chemicals.