Epoxy Sand

  • Tuna Silica Sand
  • January 01, 2019

Epoxy is a product group that is generally used to protect concrete surfaces and give decorative appearance. Due to these features, in a very wide area; robust, decorative, sanitary chemical and physical strengths are very high, harmless to human health, both in application and subsequent lifetime, with an increasing demand in the manufacture of surfaces day by day. In this context, epoxy product group is one of the "modern" building materials that will be known, used and loved in the future. Epoxy products are used as flooring materials in places where industrial, decorative and hygienic conditions are sought. Creates bright, smooth, chemical resistant surfaces. It is a long-lasting product and various application techniques are available.

For epoxy application, ambient and concrete surface temperature should be between + 10 ° C and + 30 ° C. Concrete humidity should be 4% or less unconditionally and relative humidity should be below 80%. Concrete humidity should be measured using a moisture meter, and the ambient temperature should be increased if necessary.

Errors such as pits, cracks, fractures, segregation are made with epoxy primer and epoxy grout. Repairs with depths larger than 4-5 mm can also be done with cement-based repair mortars suitable for epoxy coating.

Before applying the middle coat, loose materials on the surface sprinkled with silica sand are removed by sweeping with the help of industrial brooms. Surfaces applied with solvent-free epoxy primer should be protected from moisture, dust and air flow. It should not open to pedestrian or vehicle traffic in any way. Depending on the weather and ambient temperature, 6-24 hours after the primer application, the solvent-free epoxy coating material is filled with a trowel in the desired color. The epoxy non-slip floor is left uneven than other epoxy floors. This roughness can be left with an orange peel pattern or as sand particles. This type of coating is used in enterprises where non-slip is important and parking floor coating systems.


Factories, warehouses, parking ramps, animal shelters. Floors with normal, medium and heavy load traffic.