Carpet Field Sand

  • Tuna Silica Sand
  • January 01, 2019

According to the "Carpet Field Technical Specification" during the construction of the carpet field, it is fed into the carpet with a sand pouring and brushing apparatus. Silica sand used for this is called "carpet field sand".

Silica sands for carpet field sand are washed and dried and brought to a range of 0.500-1 mm. It is packaged in 50 kg bags and offered for sale. In carpet areas, approximately 30 kg of silica sand is needed per m2. Screen analysis in carpet field sand is important for the rapid discharge of the rainwater falling from the field.

It is used as raw material in the production of precast facade coatings, beach sand in the tourism sector, and "carpet field sand" in sports facilities with artificial floor coverings.

1-) The football field is marked in accordance with the project, using Nivo, Mira etc. according to the floor plan.

2-) Necessary excavation works are carried out in accordance with the Project.

3-) The upper level of the field is adjusted to be + 25 cm. In addition, it is applied to the sides of the field from inside to outside, with a slope tolerance of +/- 2 cm with a slope of 0.8% on four sides. After the leveling is completed, the ground is compacted with a roller.

4-) Drainage pits herringbone-shaped inner channels are opened with a 1% slope from the middle line to the edges, the surrounding channels are opened with a 0.5% slope.

5-) The main channels are connected to the drainage water collecting drums with a base width of 60 cm and a width of 70 cm.

6-) In the opening of the ducts opened, 5 cm thick 1-7mm threaded stream sand is laid and compacted. Drainage pipes with 100 mm perforated drainage pipes are installed in the ducts and connections are made with the surrounding channels. The tops of the pipes are filled up to the level of the channel with 4 gravel (30-40mm).

7-) 20 cm high gravel (20mm-30mm) is laid on the ground with ducts in accordance with the project elevations with an excavator bucket.

8-) The laid material is compressed to the length and length without vibration with a double tandem roller. Care should be taken not to spoil the curb of the field.

9-) Crushed stone (10mm-20mm) dust-free gravel is measured on the gravel laid and laid in the middle by checking the middle dome and compacted again by cylinder.